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EAI Practice

SSTech LLC provides Enterprise Application Integration ( EAI ) services and our EAI practice main goal is to provide services to various organizations that help them to integrate various software applications which are based on different platforms.

Many business activities within and across organizations involve various applications and different information sources, so incompatibilities between these systems can cause delays and errors that prevent companies from achieving real-time business. The key to increasing operational efficiency and maximizing the individual value of these systems is ensuring that they can communicate and interact in real-time.

TIBCO’s Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions leverage technologies such as Java, Web Services, and TIBCO's own high-performance messaging software to break down barriers between incompatible and distributed applications and databases. TIBCO EAI solutions dynamically transform and intelligently route messages and documents so they get to the right place, at the right time, and in the right format.

TIBCO EAI solutions include a wide variety of technologies for every integration scenario. In addition to its own implementation of Java Message Service (JMS) and support for Web Services, TIBCO provides an innovative and trusted messaging software. TIBCO EAI solutions enable synchronous and asynchronous communications using publish/subscribe, request/reply, broadcast and multicast communications, and a wide range of delivery verification and encryption options.

TIBCO realizes that legacy methods of integration will continue to exist either because they meet current business needs or because they are difficult to replace. TIBCO EAI solutions provide interfaces for exchanging information with leading technologies such as COM, CORBA, MQSeries, CICS, and IMS, and with implementations of JMS from other vendors.

Right From business requirements analysis through development,implementation and testing and support, SSTech LLC consultants work in collaboration with your IT professionals and end users. The result is a cost-effective, state-of-the-art information system.

We have an excellent TIBCO practice equipped with TIBCO Professionals that provide our clients with the Development and Support.

TIBCO Active Matrix Business Works----------------------> Application to Application integration
TIBCO EMS ,RV----------------------------------------> Transports
TIBCO Business Events----------------------> Complex Event Processing
TIBCO Business Connect------------------>B2B integration
TIBCO Adminstration-----------------> TIBCO Infrastructure setup and Deployments of EAI applications.
TIBCO Hawk----->Monitoring and Management
TIBCO Spotfire----------> Reporting
TIBCO CIM--------------> Master Data Management